Raccoon HP

Raccoons are found throughout every part of DuPage and Kane counties and are found at nuisance levels. Suburban population densities of racoons far exceeds their rural counterparts due to the adjustability. Any warm, dry attic is a potential den site. They are omnivorous and can survive on any kind of food, from natural plant and animal matter to human trash and even bird seed.

Reproduction occurs from late January to March, although occasionally some mating occurs later in the year if a female loses her litter to a predatory male raccoon. Gestation is about sixty three days and the litters average four to five young. Just after birth, the young are quite vocal. Baby raccoons sound similar to chirping birds.

Raccoons can cause thousands of dollars of damage in attics. Their urine and feces ruin insulation and carry worms and disease. Entry points to homes are typically through soffits, vents or roof-mounted power fans. After raccoons are trapped and removed these access points must be repaired or future infestation will occur. Homeowners insurance usually covers insultation replacement. Call DuPage Kane Wildlife Removal at 630.202.0403 for raccoon removal, damage repair and prevention of future infestation.