Skunks are quite common in the suburban DuPage county area. Most complaints about skunks are due to their smell that seeps the homes. Usuallly this is due to the skunks burrowing under front porches, patios or low-lying backyard decks. Occasionally, skunks will also fall into uncovered window wells. Some people describe their scent as burning rubber.

For the summer and fall months, skunks damage lawns digging for grubs. They leave small two-inch divots in the turf as evidence of their presence.

Mating occurs in February and March and skunks are quite active during this time. During prolonged cold spells, skunks can stay in their dens for weeks at a time. Gestation is just over two months. Litters average five to six young. Most juvenile skunks exit their dens in early June to forge with their mothers.

Trapping and removal of skunks is the most effective means of eliminating them. After they are removed, the den area should be screened off to prevent further infestation. Contact DuPage Kane Wildlife Removal at 630.202.0403 for skunk removal and animal proofing/screening of their den site.