Squirrel HP

In DuPage and Kane counties we have three kinds of squirrels — Fox Squirrels, Gray Squirrels and Flying Squirrels. The most common is the Gray Squirrel.

Fox squirrels are the largest of the three and are capable of having two litters per year. Gestation is forty-five days and most litters are born in March and July. The average litter is three and they are dependant on their mother until about ten weeks of age.

Gray squirrels also have two litters per year. Their litters average three to four and are born in March and July. Genstation is also forty-five days and they are weaned at about ten weeks.

Flying squirrels are not as common as gray and fox squirrels and are rarely seen due to the noctural habits. They have one litter per year, usually three in nummber. During the cold winter months, flying squirrels may den together, numbering a dozen or more.

All three types of squirrels cause damage to your home by chewing wiring, ruining insulation with feces and urine and making holes in soffits and roofs. After trapping and removal is completeted the damage and access points on the home must be repaired. Call DuPage Kane Wildlife Removal at 630.202-0403 for quick removal of your problem squirrels.